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Ruckus Unleashed firmware versie 200.10 beschikbaar

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Ruckus Unleashed firmware versie 200.10 is vanaf nu beschikbaar! De firmware update biedt diverse nieuwe functionaliteiten die uw Unleashed WiFi netwerk nog beter laten presteren. Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van de release notes. Download de firmware via de Ruckus website.

QR code support for WLAN
Generates standard QR code so mobile devices can access Wi-Fi automatically, depending on mobile device version and support.

Management VLAN
Adds ability to assign VLAN ID to Management VLAN which permits management interface to reside on different VLAN from client traffic network.

Management ACL
Adds ability to assign Access Control List (ACL) to the management interface for enhance security.

Remote Packet Capture
Captures wireless packets during normal operation and packets are saved in local files or streamed to Wireshark.

Deployment simplification
WLAN configuration is pre-populated from backend API to allow simplified installation using the default values from default WLAN.

2.4 GHz Mesh support
Previous release only permits 5GHz mesh and 200.10 added 2.4GHz mesh support so both bands can be used for mesh link.

WPA3 support for 11r & 11w
Improves WLAN WPA3 extensions support including new encryption mode and new WLAN type.

LACP for Wi-Fi 6 & ac w2 APs (CLI)
LACP allows link aggregation of multiple Ethernet ports to form single logical port for increased Ethernet throughput.

Open VPN Support (CLI)
Allows network management connectivity to be routed through Open VPN tunnel, tools include daemon setup, configuration and debugging. 

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